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Secular Action
SECULAR ACTION-1000 ways to get involved in the Secular Cause


Photos from the 2.0 Pre-Launch Party

2.0 Launch Party As we near the launch of version 2.0 of SecularAction.org, it was time to hold a Launch Party!

In attendance were Secular Action's earliest supporters (thanks Jim, Laura, David, Marina, Janelle, Zoe, et al!). Also in attendance was Sanderson Jones, of Sunday Assembly fame, AJ Johnson from Be Secular; even a staff writer from Time Magazine. Special thanks to event coordinator Nune Boyadjian who, while she couldn't be in attendance due to a date mixup, was instrumental in its success.

The event was held in cocktail party style at the American National Standards Institute, ... READ MORE

Version 2.0 is nearing completion

2.0-Design-PreviewVersion 2.0 of the site is nearing completion! By the end of the month, you'll be able to more than just browse a list of events and donation options. You'll be able to also browse volunteer opportunities, petitions to sign, ways to teach others about secularism, ways to learn more about it yourself, organizations to join, and politicians to vote for. Furthermore, each of these will have its own detail page, with a nice summary of how to take that particular action.

Oh, and did I mention that we're getting a new, more efficient design?

Launch party coming June 29th in New York ... READ MORE

Secular Action Social was a success!

sVpnnAC-5anvg2pZcyt9fcor7pO0MPxQD5qDfo-DTHcWe held our second Secular Action Social on Saturday. A group of our top 10 supporters were invited. Everyone had the chance to get to know each other to expand our secular networks, as well as having 15 minutes to share an interesting topic about secularism with the rest of the group. It ended up being like a mini TED; with topics including:

  • The nature of time itself, with a corollary discussion of Hawking's Brief History of Time
  • Progress on projects such as the Refusing My Religion documentary
  • Atheist communities, like the lesser known /r/TrueAtheism community
  • The nature of consciousness -- how one might define individual identity ... READ MORE

Design and Content is under way for version 2.0

wireframeThe vision, schedule, and wireframes are complete for version 2.0. We are now collecting actions that visitors can take (we're at 102 as of this posting), and today kicked off the design phase. I'm excited for version 2.0, where visitors will be able to browse through over 150 actions that they can take, including:

  • Attend an Event
  • Donate
  • Volunteer
  • Petition
  • Learn
  • Teach
  • Join
  • Vote

More updates as we continue to make ... READ MORE

Version 2.0 under way!

Working hard and making great progress on the wireframes for version 2.0. Now nearing the start of the design phase. We'll be launching in May, complete with over 150 actions atheists can take to further the ... READ MORE

Hilary McLemore joins the SecularAction.org Team

Hilary McLemore

"I was raised as a Christian in the south. I always had my doubts about the existence of a divine creator, but I didn’t admit that I was an atheist until I was in my early twenties. I just "came out" to my immediate family last year. Now I work as a personal trainer in New York City, and I’m surrounded by practitioners that promote pseudoscience and quackery in the health and wellness field. I want to do my best to promote science, reason, and critical thinking. I am so pleased to help promote a positive worldview with ... READ MORE

Vision and Mission Statement posted

Vision: A post-theist world, where education and government are built on rational, empirical, and scientific decision-making.

Mission: To collect all of the ways to get involved in the secular cause. Donate to a project, volunteer your time, come out as an atheist, and much ... READ MORE

Jordan Goldman joins the SecularAction.org Team

Jordan Goldman

"I first got involved in the atheism movement shortly after switching my major to Philosophy from Computer Information Systems. About a year later, I founded the Bruin Atheists, the first on-campus atheist group at the University of California Los Angeles. We quickly grew from only three members to over thirty, raising over $700 our first quarter in existence. Since then, I've been involved with numerous atheist organizations, before meeting Michael and starting to work with Secular Action in early ... READ MORE