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Secular Action
SECULAR ACTION-1000 ways to get involved in the Secular Cause

Version 2.0 is nearing completion

by Severisth

Michael Trollan is the founder of SecularAction.org, former chairman of the Secular Coalition for America, and serves on the board of directors for Sunday Assembly New York and for Ideas Beyond Borders. He's been an activist since December 2012.



2.0-Design-PreviewVersion 2.0 of the site is nearing completion! By the end of the month, you’ll be able to more than just browse a list of events and donation options. You’ll be able to also browse volunteer opportunities, petitions to sign, ways to teach others about secularism, ways to learn more about it yourself, organizations to join, and politicians to vote for. Furthermore, each of these will have its own detail page, with a nice summary of how to take that particular action.

Oh, and did I mention that we’re getting a new, more efficient design?

Launch party coming June 29th in New York City. Be on the lookout for the announcement!