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Secular Action Social was a success!

by Severisth

Michael Trollan is the founder of SecularAction.org, former chairman of the Secular Coalition for America, and serves on the board of directors for Sunday Assembly New York and for Ideas Beyond Borders. He's been an activist since December 2012.



sVpnnAC-5anvg2pZcyt9fcor7pO0MPxQD5qDfo-DTHcWe held our second Secular Action Social on Saturday. A group of our top 10 supporters were invited. Everyone had the chance to get to know each other to expand our secular networks, as well as having 15 minutes to share an interesting topic about secularism with the rest of the group. It ended up being like a mini TED; with topics including:

  • The nature of time itself, with a┬ácorollary┬ádiscussion of Hawking’s Brief History of Time
  • Progress on projects such as the Refusing My Religion documentary
  • Atheist communities, like the lesser known /r/TrueAtheism community
  • The nature of consciousness — how one might define individual identity in relation to consciousness
  • etc.

It was a fantastic evening and we’re looking forward to many more.