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Redesign a Secular Website

by Jim Hohl

Jim is an experienced web developer, businss owner, and long-time supporter of Secular Action. In his own words, "I am an atheist, out and proud."

Lend your professional services to a secular organization that could use help improving its website.

Have you ever been to a website like this one? I'm sure you have at some point.

Sites like this are an immediate turn-off - not for the content so much as for the horrendous design.

Ok, this is an extreme case, but I'm sure you've seen sites like this and this, that lack, let's say, a certain design sense.

"But they have great content!"

Indeed, they do. Tons of it. Amazingly useful content. However, good content is only half the battle in converting website visitors to loyal customers, supporters or followers.

In fact, a recent study revealed that of all the potential factors for rejecting or mistrusting a website, an astonishing 94% were design related (only 6% were content related).

If you are a talented web designer, why not reach out to one of these great secular organizations and propose (respectfully, of course) that you help "modernize" their website - and advance the cause in the process.

Benefits of a modern design include: improved trust, easier navigation, higher conversions and an over improved user experience.

Some organizations to consider include:

Please let us know in the comments if you have any other suggestions for sites that could use a little help.

Together we can rid the world of bad web design - and advance some great causes!