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The Original Motto Project

by originalmotto


We are on a mission to have the words E Pluribus Unum in every municipal building across the country.

We believe that the phrase E Pluribus Unum promotes the truly inclusive nature of American society.


It is our goal to have the national motto changed to “E Pluibus Unum”. This is the motto our founders intended us to have. It is enshrined in some our earliest documents. It in on our coins and had been the de-facto motto until being replaced in 1956 out of fear of communism.

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We believe that the phrase E Pluribus Unum promotes the truly inclusive nature of American society.

Because of this belief, we are on a mission to replace the divisive and discriminatory mottoIn God We Trust with the original – and rightful – United States motto: E Pluribus Unum; from many, one.

We strongly oppose the use of In God We Trust as the national motto, as it breeds division and promotes the belief that those without faith in a higher power cannot be patriots. In fact, the motto In God We Trust was first adopted during the Cold War to enshrine our differences with the Soviet Union. It is, by its very nature and intent, a motto meant to embody disunion and conflict.

E Pluribus Unum embodies the true American spirit of inclusiveness. From a group of colonies uniting against all odds to throw off imperial tyranny, to millions of hopeful immigrants sailing into New York harbor yearning to breathe free, the United States has always consisted of differing viewpoints, beliefs, motivations, and dreams. Though sometimes quarrelsome amongst one another, these differences have always served to strengthen American society. Our openness to all points of view has guided America throughout its history, making it the strongest, most prosperous nation in the history of the world. It has always been the Many who make up the One.

Please help us achieve our goal of restoring E Pluribus Unum to its rightful place as America’s national motto.