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Secular Action
SECULAR ACTION-1000 ways to get involved in the Secular Cause


Mission and Vision


The Team

Sarah_headshotSarah Levin

Content Manager

November 2014 – Present

Sarah graduated from American University cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies. She is deeply passionate about secularism and concerned about the influence of religion in politics in the United States and throughout the world.

Hilary McLemore

Hilary McLemore

Vice President

December 2013 – Present

“I was raised as a Christian in the south. I always had my doubts about the existence of a divine creator, but I didn’t admit that I was an atheist until I was in my early twenties. I just “came out” to my immediate family in 2012. Now I work as a personal trainer in New York City, and I’m surrounded by practitioners that promote pseudoscience and quackery in the health and wellness field. I want to do my best to promote science, reason, and critical thinking. I am so pleased to help promote a positive worldview with atheists and skeptics through Secular Action!”

Michael Trollan

Michael Trollan


December 2013 – Present

I joined the active atheist community in December 2012, and the first thing I noticed was that it is difficult to get involved!

I had to do a bunch of research to find events to attend, causes to support, projects to volunteer on. So I decided to create a website doing just that: connecting volunteers to visionaries. The site launched on January 7th at www.SecularAction.org. To start, it is a list of all major atheist conferences (37 of them!) for the year. I’ve also begun a list of causes which can be donated to with links to their donation pages. Eventually I’d like the site to be a cross between Causes.com, Catchafire.org, and Kickstarter.com. Users will come to the site and be greeted with featured actions that they can take. They can browse through for more actions, create a profile, and watch their actions add up. Atheist leaders can post events, volunteer opportunities, and donation opportunities right to the site. Finally, volunteers and visionaries can connect in one easy place.

The mission: make it as easy as possible to get involved in the secular cause.