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Secular Action
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Hilary McLemore joins the SecularAction.org Team

by Michael Trollan

Michael Trollan is the founder of SecularAction.org, a board member of Sunday Assembly New York, and Vice President of the Secular Coalition for America. He's been an activist since December 2012.



Hilary McLemore

“I was raised as a Christian in the south. I always had my doubts about the existence of a divine creator, but I didn’t admit that I was an atheist until I was in my early twenties. I just “came out” to my immediate family last year. Now I work as a personal trainer in New York City, and I’m surrounded by practitioners that promote pseudoscience and quackery in the health and wellness field. I want to do my best to promote science, reason, and critical thinking. I am so pleased to help promote a positive worldview with atheists and skeptics through Secular Action!”